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Project Highlight: Residential Exteriors

Whether you are freshening up to get ready to sell, or just want to brighten your every day, going brighter on paint color can transform your spot on the block.

Community Project: Bathrooms at Fairhope Elementary

The coat of paint on the exterior of your house is subjected to all types of torment from rain and winds leaving dirt and mud behind. Over time it can become faded from the sun, or damaged by heavy rainfall. If the exterior of your house wasn't painted properly, it can even begin to chip or peel off after a short period of time.

We understand the importance of the exterior appearance of your house know that it is a valuable asset to preserve and secure. That's why we have a detailed exterior painting process that guarantees we can complete your job successfully. Before we start painting the exterior of your house, we begin with a prepping process to guarantee a smooth, paint-ready surface. From setting nails, and performing spot repairs to sanding and spackling, we are experts at prepping before paint.

If you are looking for a residential or commercial painting contractor in the Mobile area, please call us at 251-621-1100 or fill out our online consultation form.