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Commercial Concrete Repair

Commercial concrete repair

You may know Pro 1 Painters as your friendly neighborhood house painters, but we are the South Alabama commercial painting contractor who offers a complete line of business services including concrete repair. Our professionals are available to help you with commercial concrete repair as the problems pop up.

We understand the importance of keeping the concrete floors and walls of your building clean, smooth, and polished. First impressions make a huge difference when it comes to potential clients, so contact us today for an affordable commercial concrete repair estimate!

Concrete Damage and Inspection Service

Walls and floor surfaces can become damaged through use and age. There are different types of concrete damage ranging from chipping, cracking, abrasion, and spalling. Knowing what type of damage your concrete is susceptible to is important.

Pro 1's professional concrete repair foremen are knowledgeable and trained to inform you of the potential risks your concrete surfaces face. We are also trained to detect damaged concrete. If you aren't sure you need concrete repairs, call Pro 1 for an inspection of your concrete surfaces.

Quality Concrete Repair

But you don't have to accept a lower standard of quality for your structure. New products and techniques have made concrete repair a dependable way to improve these concrete problems.

We can save a wall from early replacement and can smooth out pitted concrete floors. Ultimately, your concrete surfaces will be safer for your needs. Pro 1's commercial concrete repair services will bring new life to your facility, guaranteed!

Concrete Repair Services

If you are looking for a Commercial Painting Contractor, please call 251-621-1100 or complete our online request form.