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Working at Pro 1 Painters means:

  • Guaranteed Weekly Pay
  • 40 Hours Plus Per Week with Time-And-A-Half Overtime Pay
  • Tool Partnership Payment Plans
  • Paid Medical Benefits & 401K After 1/Y Employment
  • Company Shirts Provided
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Start Tomorrow!


  • Must have Dependable Transportation (no catching a ride to work)
  • Must Be Able To Work 8 Plus Hours Per Day
  • Must Want The Better Things In Life
  • Must Want To Get Ahead In Life
  • Must Have A Smart Phone
  • Must Have A Good Attitude

Careers at Pro 1 Painters Mean Steady and Fulfilling Work for One of the Region’s Top Companies
Join Our Winning Team And Have a Chance To Grow With Our Company

What are you looking for in a career? A great work environment? High-quality training? A job that is both challenging and fulfilling? Maybe you want the chance to become an expert at something through long-term work for a stable and well-recognized company. And it’s always amazing to know that your work makes people’s lives more beautiful and provides a service to the community. At Pro 1 Painters, we offer all of that and much more.

A Great Place to Work
Pro 1 Painters is looking for painters and carpenters to join our winning team.

At Pro 1 Painters, We Invest in Our Employees

It isn’t a cliche to say that having the right team really does make all the difference. We value our employees, because they are the heart of the company. We know that well-trained, qualified, and licensed professionals not only offer the best service, they also make our team stronger. We take pride in our continuity and have team leaders and employees who have been with us for decades. When you work with us, we help you become the very best. We have a commitment to quality work and a commitment to our quality employees.

Our Employees Love Working at Pro 1 Painters

Our crew enjoys working for Pro 1 Painters. They take pride in their work and in the reputation that Pro 1 Painters works hard to maintain. Here are testimonials from a few of our great teammates.

Mobile AL Pro 1 Painters Employee 1
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“I LOVE my job!”

Brittany Vincent, one of our crew leaders, shared the personal satisfaction she gets from the interaction with our customers each day. “I LOVE my job!” she says. Brittany guides her clients with decisions on what to paint and choosing the right colors. She says she learns things from the customers as well. “On a recent project we had in Fairhope a customer wanted to paint a beautiful mahogany door a coral color that I at first thought might not be the best choice. I asked her if she was sure and she said ‘Yes!’ And do you know that door turned out absolutely gorgeous! She loved it and so did I!”

Mobile AL Pro 1 Painters Employee 2
Mobile AL Pro 1 Painters logo light 2

“The thing I enjoy the most about my job is working with the team and being out in the field instead of cooped up in an office!”

Ross Pollet, field supervisor, is also a son of Rene Pollet, Pro1’s president and director of sales. The family located to Mobile from Louisiana and started the company. “The thing I enjoy the most about my job is working with the team and being out in the field instead of cooped up in an office!” Ross told us. He shared a moment he was particularly proud of. A client of theirs had purchased a rather run-down looking house next door to her mother’s house. “We had to complete the painting job by Friday, and our man on the scene told us he wasn’t going to be able to meet the deadline. So my brother and I and other team members headed on over and we got that job finished. It looked fantastic and the new owners told us how much they loved the paint job of their house!”

Mobile AL Pro 1 Painters Employee 3
Mobile AL Pro 1 Painters logo light 3

“I love being out in the field, and always love a challenge.”

Kenneth Wells, one of our estimators, goes out to our client’s home or business to discuss painting plans and to get measurements. He said, “I love being out in the field, and always love a challenge.” He explains, “One a client I worked with had a construction background and some pretty high expectations. It felt great when our team met all his expectations and then some. As an estimator, that means a lot to me!”

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